Man UP! is the banner for the men’s ministries of Friendship Worship Center. We provide an atmosphere of openness, transparency and candor. It’s a safe place to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ and in godly fellowship other men. But just because it’s safe, it doesn’t mean everything is comfortable. In fact, sometimes maturity is downright unpleasant. Difficult? Yes. But completely worth it. We’re men. We do hard things. Hey fellas, it’s time to Man UP!

Time: Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m.

We meet most Wednesday evenings at 7pm. It’s a laid back atmosphere of Bible study, conversation and prayer.

Location: Vegas

what-happens-in-vegasYep, Vegas. Openness, transparency and candor require trust and confidence. We don’t talk about each other to anyone but Jesus. The fabled reputation of the Man UP! group has reached the point where we say we meet in Vegas…because “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”
(OK, we don’t really meet in Vegas. We meet in the main conference room.)